AWS Fundamentals Is a Book and Newsletter That Teaches You AWS for the Real World, Not Just for Certifications.

AWS is an amazing ecosystem. It democratized the way of building modern web applications. But the learning curve of learning and really mastering AWS is steep!

It is hard to really master AWS. Building on AWS means using a lot of services. You will end up following the same best practices over and over again. We want to show you these.

In AWS Fundamentals , you will learn the basic AWS services and how you can get started building with AWS. We love to learn and teach visually. This is why we've created infographics for every service within the book.

  • All major categories of services (Compute, Storage, Networking, etc.)
  • From traditional computing to serverless computing
  • The important config options you need to know and not more
  • The basics of modern infrastructure-as-code (CloudFormation, CDK, Serverless)

By the end of the book, you'll have the fundamentals to be working with AWS and to build real world applications.

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Table of contents

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  1. Introduction

  2. Getting Started


Tools and resources you can use to get started even faster and progress even further.

Design assets, icon teardowns, and a community of fellow icon designers where you can ask questions, get feedback, and accelerate your learning.

  1. AWS Fundamentals Book


    Over 350 pages which cover all core AWS services and their configurations. Plus Infrastructure as Code Introduction to Terraform, CloudFormation, Serverless, and CDK.

  2. Infographics

    Infographics about all core services

  3. Community of cloud engineers

    A Discord community of aspiring and experienced cloud engineers who are eager to help you learn and grow. It's a great place to ask questions, get feedback, and accelerate your learning.


Learn AWS the visual way.

We believe that learning AWS is easier when you visualize it. That is why we created infographics for all core AWS Services. Throughout the book we explain concepts and configurations with additional graphics. With these graphics it will be much easier to understand what is actually happening on AWS.

Here are four examples for infographics on services:

  1. DynamoDB infographic


    The Holy Grail of Database Solutions.

  2. ECS infographic


    A fully-managed Container Orchestration Service.

  3. Route 53 infographic

    Route 53

    A highly-available and scalable Cloud DNS Web Service.

  4. S3 infographic


    A secure, highly-available, and durable Storage Service in the Cloud

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AWS Fundamentals - The E-Book

Explore the world of AWS with our book: AWS Fundamentals - AWS for the Real World.


  • > 400 pages of AWS Fundamentals
  • The Core Building blocks of AWS (16 services)
  • Modern Infrastructure as Code Introduction (CF, CDK, Serverless)
  • Many visualizations to strengthen the learnings
  • Community access
  • 1 Free Update included
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AWS Fundamentals - Ebook & Infographics

This package includes the AWS Fundamentals book, as well as a set of infographics to help you visualize and understand the key concepts covered in the book.


  • > 400 pages of AWS Fundamentals
  • The Core Building blocks of AWS (16 services)
  • Modern Infrastructure as Code Introduction (CF, CDK, Serverless)
  • Many visualizations to strengthen the learnings
  • Community access
  • 1 Free Update included
  • Infographics summarizing each service
  • Unbranded and in high-quality. Ready to be displayed in your office
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AWS Fundamentals - Infographics

This package includes the AWS Fundamentals infographics. These help you to visualize and understand the key concepts of AWS.


  • 17 Infographics about the Core Building Blocks in AWS
  • Unbranded
  • High-quality, ready to be displayed in your office
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Tobias Schmidt – Freelance Cloud Engineer & Educator

Tobias loves to build (and break) things while teaching his learnings along the way. He's a passionate software engineer & educator with several years of professional experience and worked for small tech startups as well as large car manufacturers. While migrating existing production workloads, he got the necessary hands-on to explore and understand the tricks & peculiarities of AWS. This also enabled him to build resilient, large-scale applications from scratch. He's stumbled into all the traps aspiring cloud enthusiasts can fall into so you don't have to.

Sandro Volpicella – Platform Lead @Hashnode & Serverless Enthusiast

Sandro is the platform lead @Hashnode where he builds the next generation of developer blogging platforms. There he uses a serverless-first architecture on AWS build a scalable & performant platform for millions of users.

Sandro is also an AWS Community Builder, Co-Founder of ServerlessQ, and writes about AWS on his Blog

Frequently asked questions

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What is the content of this book

We cover the an extensive getting started guide, the core building blocks of AWS, and an introduction to Infrastructure as Code on AWS.

Have a look at the detailed table of contents
What if I don't like the book?
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.
Do I need to know any programming language to understand the book?
No! We designed the book in the way that we guide you through AWS Services and its best configuration options. In the IAC chapter we show mostly examples with TypeScript.
Isn't all of that available in the developer documentation?
Yes, it kind of is. AWS is one of the best documented tools out there. Understanding which services to use and how to configure them is the real challenge. We show you best practices we used over and over again.
In which format is the book available?
  • PDF
  • EPUB
Do you offer team discounts?
Yes! We offer team discounts
  • 6-10 copies: 25% discount
  • 11+ copies: 35% discount

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Aren't most of the infographics online available?
Yes they are. In this package we removed all errors, typos, and the branding. You will get them in high quality. Ready to be printed out.
Is there any DRM on the book?
No! We don't like DRM. You can read the book on any device you want. We don't want to bother you with such things.
Is this a physical book?
No, this is an ebook. We would love to have a physical book, but we also believe having many visualizations makes learning much easier. Unfortunately, the price would be too high at this moment. Hopefully, we can offer a physical book in the future.
Do you offer Power Purchasing Parity discounts (PPP) ?

Yes, please contact us at

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